What Is The Telephone Number For Delta Airlines?

Similarly, How do I talk to Delta customer service?

Call 800-221-1212 to talk with a representative about a new or current reservation. If you are a Medallion® Member, look for your dedicated phone number in the Fly Delta mobile app’s Contact Us area. If you have a SkyMiles membership, be prepared with your account number to speed up your call.

Also, it is asked, How do I get through to Delta?

On an Apple or Android smartphone, you may have a live conversation with Delta. Simply click the “Message Us” button on the Need Help? page of delta.com. An invitation to talk with a virtual assistant will appear in a new window.

Secondly, Does Delta have a chat line?

All customers may visit our Need Help page on delta.com to connect with a Delta Virtual Assistant or a live Reservations professional to obtain fast answers to commonly asked problems.

Also, How do I contact Delta about my refund?

Any Delta ticketing facility or your travel agent may accept refund requests. You may ask for a refund for an electronic ticket by contacting Reservations Sales at 800-221-1212. Call 800-847-0578 or 404-715-5417 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST if you have any concerns about how to apply for a refund or to check the progress of a refund request.

People also ask, Is Delta customer service open?

According to Charisse Evans, Delta’s Vice President of Reservation Sales and Customer Care, “We are devoted to listening, caring, and engaging with our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Related Questions and Answers

Does Delta Airlines require Covid test?

A negative COVID-19 test result is one of the temporary admission criteria that certain places have implemented. Using our Delta Discover Map, you may learn more about the criteria for your destination, such as if a test is necessary and what kind of exam will be needed.

What is the cheapest day to travel by air?

According to travel discount website FareCompare, generally speaking, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the least expensive days to fly, while Fridays and Sundays are more expensive. Weekends are when leisure tourists most often fly, either to begin their holidays on Friday or to enjoy a long weekend from Friday through Sunday.

Why is Delta customer service taking so long?

The average wait time, according to a Delta spokeswoman, is between two and three hours. Its reservation and customer service lines have had record-breaking phone levels since the outbreak started. Rapidly increasing travel hasn’t helped. To satisfy the demand, the airline is now employing 1,300 professionals.

How late can I change my Delta flight?

Our 24-Hour Risk-Free Cancellation guarantee applies to all tickets booked directly from Delta, including Basic Economy rates. You may cancel your ticket for any reason up to 24 hours after booking, and you’ll get a full refund with no modification or cancellation costs.

What is the delta chat app?

The current e-mail server network, which is used by messenger Delta Chat, is the biggest, most varied, and most decentralized communication system ever made. You may talk with any of your email contacts, whether or not they have installed Delta Chat, by using your ordinary email account.

Do you have to be vaccinated to Fly Delta?

U.S. citizens entering the country must provide evidence of immunization at the time of boarding. This must provide the traveler’s complete name, date of birth, the name of the official source supplying the vaccine, the kind of vaccine, and the date(s) of immunization. It may be digital or printed.

Who is Delta owned by?

Edward H. Bastian, Glen W. Hauenstein, Peter W. Carter, Vanguard Group Inc., and BlackRock Inc. are the company’s largest shareholders.

How do I get a refund if I cancel my flight?

Procedures for requesting a refund the PNR information. your PNR (booking reference) number, email address, and last name. Choose “Cancel Booking.” Select Cancel Booking, then go on. Decide on the return method you choose. Choose an option, then click “Cancel Booking.” Review your information.

How long does Delta Take to refund?

We will make every attempt to handle qualified credits and reimbursements within 7 days, according to Delta’s official policy. However, please wait up to 30 working days owing to the enormous traffic relating to the coronavirus and government-issued travel advice.

Can you cancel flights due to Covid?

You do not automatically have the right to re-routing or a refund if you booked the ticket yourself. However, you should get in touch with the airline if you have to cancel due to COVID-19. Some airlines may be ready to provide you with additional options, such as a credit note or voucher, or they could let you rebook your ticket at a later time.

Can you contact booking com by phone?

(888) 850-3958 Booking.com Customer service / B.V.

How can I change my flight without fees?

Six strategies for avoiding the airline’s ticket-change cost Do it in the next day. Do it 60 days in advance. Purchase a flexible fare or choose the add-on. If you can, switch to a flight that day. Observe any alterations to the timetable. Promote your cause. It helps to be elite.

Does Delta have customer service at the airport?

Dialing a Delta Complaint Resolution Representative They will be happy to address our problems at the airport and are accessible at all locations throughout business hours. You may contact a representative at 404-209-3434 if you have questions but are not currently traveling.

Does Delta require masks?

For all domestic flights inside the US, masks are not required for passengers or staff of Delta. Except when masks are mandated by appropriate governments for overseas travel, masks are currently optional for Delta customers and staff traveling internationally.

What is Delta’s Covid policy?

All passengers entering or connecting via the United States are no longer obliged to submit to COVID-19 testing. Non-citizens and non-permanent residents of the United States are still needed to submit an attestation attesting to their complete immunizations, and contact tracking is still in effect for everyone. Review all the specifications.

How far in advance should I book a flight for best price?

three to six months

Is it cheaper to fly one-way or round-trip?

Airlines often charge precisely half as much for one-way domestic flights as they do for round-trip tickets. There are undoubtedly exceptions, particularly for passengers who travel out of smaller, regional airports.

Which airline is the cheapest?

Airline Spirit

Does Delta have a callback option?

You may request a callback from Delta Airlines by dialing 1(800)221-1212 or 800-325-8224 from your mobile device. A representative will contact you within a certain time range.

Can I change my flight at the airport?

Can I switch my airport of departure or arrival? You must pay the change charge and any cost difference if you wish to alter the departing or arrival airport.

How long does Delta keep you on hold?

dial a different number If You Plan to Fly Soon Although there are far reduced wait times since it is only available to travelers with flights within the next 48 hours, anybody cannot utilize it.

How much does it cost to change a flight in 2021?

For travel inside the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, or Central America, a change/cancellation charge of $100 per person is required as of January 1, 2021. All other fares will cost $200. There is a $75 same-day change charge for all price classes, even if there is no cost difference.

How much is Delta cancellation fee?

Refund or Cancel Your Flight Basic Economy Ticket TIME PERIOD A 24-hour risk-free cancellation period is available at no cost. A 24-hour risk-free cancellation period has passed, and the remaining value is minus. Cost of Cancellation: $99 to $199 Request Cancellation » **Related to flights; issued as an eCredit 1 additional row

How do I know if my Delta ticket is refundable?

Visit Delta’s website (Delta.com) and input the ticket or document number to see whether a ticket is refundable. The airline will then show you the eligibility for a refund and other details. Even though the ticket is nonrefundable, a passenger might change their plans and use the money toward another journey.

Is Delta messaging secure?

In every way that counts to users, Delta Chat is an instant messaging service. Its distinguishing characteristic is that it is really an encrypted email client, giving it all the security benefits of the latter while retaining the ease-of-use of the former.

How do I get text alerts from Delta?

Customers may choose to register on delta.com to get flight alerts as a single alert for a particular flight. A client may look for a certain flight using the flight number (Route) or a city pair and the departure date from the “Flight Status & Notifications page.


You can find the telephone number for Delta Airlines by searching on Google.

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