What Is The Phone Number For American Airlines Customer Service?

For further information in the United States, call American Airlines or American Eagle at 800-433-7300. Call 800-633-3711 for help if you need it in Spanish. Call American Airlines or American Eagle at 800-543-1586 if you have a hearing or speech problem.

Similarly, Is American Airlines customer service 24 hours?

Also, it is asked, What is American Airlines phone number?

Secondly, Can I change my AA flight for free?

Most flights on American Airlines may be changed without incurring a cost, with the exception of those in basic economy and Web Special reward flights.

Also, How do I talk to a live person at American Airlines?

For further information in the United States, call American Airlines or American Eagle at 800-433-7300. Call 800-633-3711 for help if you need it in Spanish.

People also ask, How do I contact American Airlines customer relations?

Call Reservations at 800-433-7300 or start a discussion with us on the American app if you have a question regarding an upcoming trip.

Related Questions and Answers

What are the cheapest days to fly on American Airlines?

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are often the cheapest days of the week to travel on American Airlines flights. Workdays are often less costly than weekends on international flights (however not generally).

Do you need a Covid test to fly?

A negative COVID-19 virus test or proof of COVID-19 recovery will no longer be required from air travelers arriving in the United States from abroad as of 12:01 AM ET on J, according to the CDC.

Does American Airlines compensate for Cancelled flights?

Compensation for canceled flights at American Airlines You are entitled to compensation if your flight was canceled and you weren’t informed at least two weeks beforehand. Every time a problem arises, the company’s first response is to book you on the subsequent flight to your destination.

How much does it cost to change a flight in 2021?

For travel inside the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, or Central America, a change/cancellation charge of $100 per person is required as of January 1, 2021. All other fares will cost $200. There is a $75 same-day change charge for all price classes, even if there is no cost difference.

Can I get my money back if I cancel my flight?

Flight Cancellation – If an airline cancels a flight for whatever reason and a customer decides not to fly, the customer is entitled to a reimbursement.

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How much is it to change flight dates with American Airlines?

On the majority of paid prices (with the exception of full-fare refundable tickets) for domestic flights, American imposes a hefty $200 change or cancellation fee. For overseas flights, this may go to $750 per passenger.

How do I cancel my American Airlines flight?

Call reservations at 800-433-7300 from inside the United States or Canada to cancel a flight. An alternative is to cancel a flight with American Airlines online at aa.com. First, use the webpage to find your journeys and input the flight confirmation code.

Does American airline require Covid test?

Travelers entering the US are no longer obliged to take the COVID-19 exam before to departure. Foreign nationals must sign an attestation that they satisfy U.S. entrance standards and are immunized, and all passengers must provide their contact information within 72 hours of departure.

Who is the head of customer relations at American Airlines?

Newsroom – Alice Curry Named Vice President of Customer Care by American AirlinesAmerican Airlines Group, Inc.

Does American Airlines offer senior discount?

Yes, American Airlines provides senior citizen discounts to customers who are 65 years of age or younger.

How do you fly for free?

How to Get Free Flights: Get a credit card with travel rewards. Utilize a frequent flier program to accrue miles. Become willing to be bumped. Make use of a companion ticket. Employed for an airline. recognize a member of the airline industry. Ride military “Space A” aircraft.

When can I fly after testing positive for Covid?

You were found to have COVID-19. Wait 10 full days before traveling if you have symptoms, or until the day your positive test was done if you have no symptoms.

Can I fly with Covid?

If you’re feeling under the weather, avoid traveling. If your sickness is discovered during entrance or exit screening at airports, during your flight, or while crossing borders, you will increase your chance of being refused boarding or sent in quarantine, even if your symptoms are unrelated to COVID-19.

Do you have to be vaccinated to fly in the United States?

Yes, regardless of their antibody status, all noncitizen nonimmigrant air travelers entering the United States at this moment must provide evidence of COVID-19 immunization.

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What am I entitled to if my flight is Cancelled?

Flight entitlements to a refund According to the US Department of Transportation, if you decide not to fly due to a cancellation or “substantial delay,” you are entitled to a refund of your ticket price. No matter why the airline cancels or delays the flight, this is the policy.

What am I entitled to if my flight is Cancelled American Airlines?

An American Airlines delay refund or missed flight refund together with flight cancellation compensation US/EU may be available to you in certain circumstances. The airline will endeavour to book you on an alternative flight if there is a cancellation. You need to be able to receive a complete refund if that isn’t achievable.

Is American Airlines offering refunds due to Covid 19?

Even for Basic Economy prices purchased between Ma and Ma, you may cancel your trip online and rebook when you’re ready. Remember that if you rebook and the cost for your new journey is greater, you can be responsible for paying the difference in ticket price.

How do I know if my American Airlines ticket is refundable?

How to determine whether or not you bought refundable American Airlines tickets taking a look at the small print on your initial booking confirmation email. calling 800-433-7300 to make reservations on American Airlines. logging into your American Airlines account to see the specifics of your reservation

Can I change my flight if I have Covid?

There is no inherent entitlement to rerouting or a refund if you independently booked the ticket. However, you should get in touch with the airline if you have to cancel due to COVID-19. Some airlines may be ready to provide you with additional options, such as a credit note or voucher, or they could let you rebook your ticket at a later time.

Can I cancel half of my American Airlines flight?

The cancellation policy of American Airlines As long as your departure date is more than two days away, all tickets are entirely refundable within the first 24 hours after purchase. You may amend or cancel nonrefundable tickets without incurring a cost, but you won’t get a refund.

Do airlines have to give me my money back?

Wait as long as possible to cancel since you are entitled to a full cash refund if the airline cancels, severely alters the itinerary, or significantly delays a trip. Airlines won’t be obligated to get you a refund if you’re the one canceling until a new legislation is approved.

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Will American Airlines refund if price goes down?

Nerdy tip: American Airlines will only offer you a travel credit for the price difference if you alter your ticket within 24 hours after booking. However, if you cancel the first reservation, you’ll get a full refund on your card. When the price drops, you can just make another reservation.

Can u reschedule a flight?

Depending on the airline and the precise limitations of your ticket, the majority of big airlines impose a $100 change fee. If you need to postpone or alter your trip, you may not be charged as high change costs if you bought your ticket from a more accommodating airline, like JetBlue.

Is American Airlines offering flight changes?

Your flight change may only be verified within 24 hours of the intended flight’s departure, and the substitute flight must be for the same origin and destination as the original one. You may modify your reservation online at aa.com, in person at the airport’s self-service kiosk or ticket counter, or by calling Reservations.

Who do I complain to about American Airlines?

Contact Customer Relations by sending a letter to 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85034, or by filling out the company’s web form to send an email. Call their customer support line at 800/371-4771 (4am–11pm PT, M–F) if the issue just pertains to delayed luggage.

Why do airlines treat customers so badly?

Most travelers base their travel decisions on cost, thus airlines compete on price rather than service, and consumers are prepared to purchase the cheapest ticket regardless of the airline’s track record with disinterested passengers.


The “toll-free number to american airlines” is the phone number for American Airlines customer service. This phone number can be used to contact American Airlines in order to get help with issues such as delayed flights, lost luggage, and flight changes.

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