How To Find Turkish Airlines Ticket Number?

The ticket number, which is 13 digits long and placed in the center of the bottom line next to the airline serial number, is written in the middle of the bottom line. 235 is the first number of a Turkish Airlines ticket. If you bought your ticket via an agency, you may get your ticket number by contacting them.

Similarly, How do I find my e-ticket number after a flight?

The e ticket number may be obtained on the airline’s website under a customer’s reservation record or in an email from the airline confirming the transaction.

Also, it is asked, Where is PNR number on Turkish airline ticket?

The PNR number may be located on the back of your ticket. If you purchase several tickets at the same time, they will all be assigned the same PNR number. This figure refers to reservations rather than individual travellers. You may use the Cleartrip app or website to check your PNR status on the move.

Secondly, How many digits is a flight ticket number?

An official ticket number (which may include the airline’s three-digit ticketing code, a four-digit form number, a six-digit serial number, and a check digit) Terms and conditions of carriage (or at least a reference to them) Specifics on fares and taxes, including details on price computation and some other information such as tour codes.

Also, Is e-ticket number same as PNR?

A PNR is the booking’s internal record, while a ticket (or, more often, an e-ticket) is the document that verifies a passenger’s flight seat.

People also ask, How do I find an old flight number?

a single response This post should be active. You may be able to search up information at depending on the airline, however data older than a few days needs you to register a (free) account. FlightAware and FlightWise may potentially be of interest, albeit historical data requires a paid subscription.

Related Questions and Answers

How many kilograms does Turkish Airlines allow?

In Economy Class, each passenger is allowed to bring one piece of cabin luggage that is no larger than 55x40x23 inches and weighs no more than 8 kilograms, as well as one personal item as a bag that is no larger than 40x30x15 inches.

How do I get airline tickets on my phone?

Make use of your ticket. Open the Google Pay app on your phone. Tap the card button at the top. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. The ticket should be tapped. Show the attendant your phone’s barcode or QR code so they may scan it. If you have many tickets, be sure to display each barcode.

How can I get a copy of an old airline ticket?

Please contact the airline with which you traveled. Inquire about getting a duplicate of your electronic boarding pass sent to you. You may also get a copy of your actual ticket if you have one.

How do you check air ticket is confirmed or not?

The following are the actions you may take to confirm your reservation one by one: Navigate to any airline’s website. For instance, Select Plan and Book from the drop-down menu. Enter the 6-character PNR code, as well as your last name or family name, in the My trip area. You can view the specifics of your travel as well as your name. That’s all there is to it!

How can I find out someone’s flight information?

Using a Third-Party Website for Tracking There are a number of websites that give flight tracking information for flights all around the globe. To get more extensive information on a flight than you’ll find on the airline’s website, go to FlightStats, flightview, FlightAware, or a similar site.

Can I track an old flight?

You may monitor current and previous flights on each WebTrak map. Current flights is the default setting. You’ll see them on a Google Map, which you can zoom in and out and hover over or click on to receive additional information about the planes, such as the flight ID, aircraft type, origin and destination airports, and altitude.

Does Turkish Airlines allow 3 bags?

Passengers may split their weight limit over many bags at locations that employ a weight concept. Travelers in economy class may carry up to 66 pounds, while business class passengers can bring up to 88 pounds. Other destinations employ the piece system, with economy allowing two bags (each weighing 50 pounds) and business allowing two bags (each weighing 100 pounds) (70 pounds each)

Can I take my laptop on Turkish Airlines?

A second laptop or tablet may be carried in your cabin baggage as long as it is kept in the same bag. Please do not overfill your bag to ensure that it fits beneath your seat. Please visit our cabin luggage page for more details.

How many bags are allowed on Turkish Airlines?

Free Baggage Allowance on International Flights*: Class of Travel Maximum PiecesMaximum Piece Weight (kg) Economy223 kgBusiness232 kg a child (0 – 2 years old) 1 collapsible baby carriage / buggy Plus 1 collapsible baby carriage / buggy 23 kilos

How do I get my plane ticket on my iPhone?

How to add a boarding pass, ticket, or other pass to your iPhone’s Apple Wallet Open the app, email, notice, or other message in which your boarding pass, ticket, or other pass is included. Add to Apple Wallet by tapping the Add to Apple Wallet button. Follow the on-screen instructions. Tap Add in the top right corner if required.

Can I get my boarding pass on my phone?

Yes, you may use your mobile boarding card to travel through security and board your aircraft. To continue, present the TSA Agent your mobile boarding pass on a phone, iPad, or Apple Watch, as well as a valid form of identification.

How do I add flights to my wallet?

Using an airline’s app Open the app for your individual airline after downloading or updating it. When you open your trip, your itinerary should appear if you’ve checked in. In order to board your flight, you must first check in. You should notice a button to “Add to Apple Wallet” when you get your boarding pass. It should be tapped.

Can I find my flight with just my name?

You are unable to do so. This information isn’t accessible to the general public, and getting it from the airline(s) requires a court order.

Do I get my plane ticket at the airport?

When you get at the airport, head to the check-in counter and present your passport and eTicket to the agent. When everything checks out, they’ll compare your ticket to the airline’s database and produce you a boarding card. This is the boarding pass that allows you to board the aircraft.

Can I print my airline ticket at home?

You may print your boarding pass at home before leaving for the airport. Alternatively, you may print directly from the airline’s website. You’ll need to input the passenger’s last name as well as the confirmation number.

How do I find my flight without a confirmation number?

If you forget your confirmation number and wish to check your flight information without one, you may phone the airline reservation department directly. Using your name, departure date, time, and city name, you will call a customer service representative team to find your reservation.

Can 2 flights have the same flight number?

Yes, a single flight number may relate to many flights that are operating at the same time. If a flight is significantly delayed, this occurs often. It’s possible that the prior day’s flight will still be active when the current day’s flight takes off.

Do flight numbers mean anything?

North and eastward flights are usually given even flight numbers, whereas south and westbound flights are given odd numbers. The return flight number is usually one digit higher than the departure flight number. The lower the flight number, the more important that route is to the airline.

Do airlines change flight numbers?

Yes, it is typical for flight schedules and numbers to change after you have made your reservation. Frequently, the airline is uninvolved in the adjustments. Because there are too many aircraft coming or leaving at the same time, the FAA may order airlines to adjust the timing.

How long do airlines keep records?

According to a draft agreement between Washington and Brussels published to the Guardian, the US Department of Homeland Security may collect the personal data of millions of passengers flying between the US and Europe for 15 years, including credit card information, phone numbers, and home addresses.

How can I get my flight records?

The Aircraft Registration Branch keeps track of individual aircraft registrations and acts as a repository for FAA field office airworthiness papers. Request Copies of Aircraft Records online or mail or fax your request for aircraft records.

How do I check my flight status?

How can I check the status of my flight? Go to or download the IndiGo mobile app. On your individual device, go to the Flight Status’ page. Enter the departure and arrival points. Input your trip date, flight number, and PNR (or booking reference) number.


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