How Do I Find My Confirmation Number On Southwest Airlines?

You may quickly retrieve your confirmation number by doing some online searching with the assistance of our Customer Support and Services Representatives (1-800-I-FLY-SWA). Ask them to confirm the email address you provided when you speak with them so we can be sure it is accurate.

Similarly, Where do I find Southwest confirmation number?

It is the six-digit (letters and numbers) code that was on your confirmation email from Southwest when you purchased the ticket. If you have that email from Southwest, the confirmation number will be on there, as you have probably already guessed.

Also, it is asked, How do I find my flight confirmation number?

Even before an email is received, many airlines will display your confirmation number on the screen when you make a reservation. Once you’ve checked in, the code will also be on your boarding card. Call the airline if you need help locating it.

Secondly, How do I find my confirmation number for Southwest without email?

You may get the confirmation number by calling Customer Relations, who can also provide you with it. Use it to check in at t-24 hours after that.

Also, How do I look up past Southwest confirmation numbers?

By entering into your account on, you may recover details on a previously taken flight. Visit the My Trips page by clicking on My Account first. By clicking on the trip name, you can access your Past Trips and check the purchase information for your flight. Just print off this page to use as your receipt.

People also ask, How do I find my flight without a confirmation number?

Telephone the airline. By using your name and intended trip dates, they should be able to locate your reservation. Typically, we require your name, the precise flight number, and the date. In my experience, unless your name is really popular, the city pair should be adequate.

Related Questions and Answers

Why can’t I find my Southwest reservation?

We are unable to find your reservation in our database; it’s possible that it was canceled. Please call a Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent for help at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA if you’re still having problems (1-800-435-9792)

What if did not receive an email confirmation of my flight?

The airline itself sends out confirmation emails for flights. The airline is currently processing your order if you recently bought a ticket and have not yet received an email confirmation. The email confirmation might take up to 4 hours to be sent by certain carriers, including American Airlines.

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Is confirmation number same as flight number?

The confirmation number you get when making a reservation is not the same as the flight number. An alphanumeric identifier called a confirmation number is often used to identify your reservation and speed up the check-in procedure.

Is confirmation number same as booking reference?

Booking citation It is sometimes referred to as a PNR code, confirmation number, Record/Booking Locator (or RecLoc), or reference number. You may find it on your tickets, booking confirmation, or other travel-related paperwork.

Does Southwest Use 1 or I in confirmation?

In conclusion, SWA should discontinue using the following letters in air confirmation since they cause confusion: one and zero are not used, but the letter O is.

How do I print my Southwest itinerary?

using a computer Select the Retrieve Travel Documents option on the Southwest Airlines website. Along with your initial and last name, enter the flight confirmation code. On the computer screen, choose Print, and then wait for the printer to print the boarding pass.

Does Southwest have live chat?

When does Live Chat start? Between the hours of 6:00am and 8:00pm Central Standard Time, live chat is accessible. By dialing 1-800-435-9792, a customer representative is also available around-the-clock.

How do I change my confirmation number on Southwest?

Re: Separating tickets or changing the confirmation number Calling reservations at 800-435-9792 is the recommended course of action if you need assistance dividing the reservation.

How do I add past flights to Rapid Rewards?

For trips taken within the last 12 months, you may request points in your account. Enter your reservation’s confirmation number in the “Request previous flight points” area and hit “Get points.” Points will be put into your account when your travel details have been verified (up to 5 days).

How do I contact Southwest Airlines customer service?

For further information, please visit our Contact Us page. Call us at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA if you need emergency help (1-800-435-9792).

Can I find my flight with just my name?

You can’t, sorry. Without a court order, neither the general public nor the airline(s) will divulge this information.

How do I find Southwest travel funds without confirmation number?

In reference to Travel Funds without Confirmation Number Search for May 2016 in your email account by typing southwest into the search bar. Alternatively, give Southwest Airlines a call and tell them what credit card you would have used to buy the ticket. The amount and conformation number ought to be available from them.

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How do I add a reservation to my Southwest account?

Visit the Southwest Airlines web page. Click on Flight/Hotel/Car at the top of the page. To manage your reservation, click now.

Are Southwest seats assigned?

Have I been allocated a seat yet? Open seating is available on flights operated by Southwest. Choose any available seat once you’re aboard, then store your carryon belongings in the overhead compartment or beneath the seat in front of you.

How can I check if my flight is confirmed?

You may take the following actions to gradually confirm your reservation: any airline’s website, please. such as To plan and book, click. Enter your last name or family name under the “My journey” area along with the six-character PNR number. Along with your name, you may view the specifics of your journey. It’s done!

How do you get your plane ticket if you bought it online?

You may follow the buying procedure step-by-step on airline and travel agency websites. You will be asked to pay with a credit or debit card after choosing your flight online. Your itinerary, your eTicket, and your payment confirmation document will then appear on the screen.

How long does it take to confirm flight ticket?

For international flights, web check-in is allowed beginning 48 hours before departure and up to two hours before to departure. Up to an hour before to departure, domestic travelers may check in online. Passengers may access the airport, nonetheless, four hours before departure.

What is confirmation number?

A confirmation code is a brief piece of information (a code or cypher) that is used to verify a certain quality or trait, such personally identifiable data.

Is itinerary number the confirmation number?

An itinerary is a suggested path for your trip. The information on it contains the airports of departure and arrival, any additional airports (if any), the dates and times of the flights, the flight numbers, the name of the passenger, any meal choices (if any), and your confirmation number.

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What does flight confirmation number mean?

It may also be referred to as a “reservation number,” a “airline record locator,” or a “booking code.” Typically, the code is just six characters long since it is alphanumeric, which means it comprises both numbers and letters. Airlines can immediately search up your flight schedule thanks to this identification.

Is a record locator a confirmation number?

Your confirmation code, which is a six-letter number that is printed on your boarding ticket and confirmation email, is your record locator.

How do I check-in with Southwest App?

The “Check In” button may be found under your itinerary in the “Manage Trips” section of the mobile app or on the main menu of the Southwest website. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong since a poor connection might cause the check-in process to take longer and put you in a later boarding position.

Do I need to print my boarding pass?

Yes, each boarding permit must be printed legibly on its own A4 sheet of paper. The page cannot be torn or ripped since the barcode on the pass will need to be scanned at the airport. You must keep your boarding pass secure until you arrive at your destination since it is an official security document.

How do I get my boarding pass at the airport?

If you check in at the airport, either a self-service kiosk close to check-in or a person from the airline may print your boarding card. You may print a new boarding pass at the airport if you forget the link or lose your pre-printed one.

How soon can I print my Southwest boarding pass?

24 hours before your flight, you may check in online. At this moment, you may also print a boarding pass. Additionally, Southwest Airlines Skycap Podiums, ticket counters, and E-Ticket Check-In kiosks (where available) sell boarding passes (where available).


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