How Do I Find My American Airlines Confirmation Number?

Similarly, How do I find my flight confirmation number?

Even before an email is received, many airlines will display your confirmation number on the screen when you make a reservation. Once you’ve checked in, the code will also be on your boarding card. Make a call to the airline if you need assistance locating it.

Also, it is asked, How can I check my flight without confirmation number?

You may confirm your flight by phoning the airline bookings department directly if you have misplaced your flight’s confirmation number or do not have one. The agent will use your name, departure city, and date to find your reservation.

Secondly, What do I do if I don’t receive my American Airlines confirmation email?

However, if you want quick confirmation or if you purchased a trip via American Airlines but did not get a confirmation email even after four hours, you should get in touch with the airlines or booking agents directly.

Also, Is confirmation number same as flight number?

The confirmation number you get when making a reservation is not the same as the flight number. An alphanumeric identifier called a confirmation number is often used to identify your reservation and speed up the check-in procedure.

People also ask, Is confirmation number same as booking reference?

Booking citation It is sometimes referred to as a PNR code, confirmation number, Record/Booking Locator (or RecLoc), or reference number. You may find it on your tickets, booking confirmation, or other travel-related paperwork.

Related Questions and Answers

What is a confirmation number?

A confirmation code is a brief piece of information (a code or cypher) that is used to verify a certain quality or trait, such personally identifiable data.

How do I get my plane ticket if I bought it online?

The buying procedure is walked you through on airline and travel agency websites, and it’s really simple to do. A credit or debit card payment option will be shown to you once you’ve made your online flight selection. Your itinerary, your eTicket, and your payment confirmation document will then appear on the screen.

How can I check if my flight ticket is confirmed?

You may take the following actions to gradually confirm your reservation: any airline’s website, please. such as To plan and book, click. Enter your last name or family name under the “My journey” area along with the six-character PNR number. Along with your name, you may view the specifics of your journey. It’s done!

Can you look up a plane ticket by name?

You can’t, sorry. Without a court order, neither the general public nor the airline(s) will divulge this information.

How do I find a lost flight ticket?

Give the specifics of your flight if you don’t have a photocopy of your airline ticket or a record of the ticket number. Go to the airport the day before your travel and attempt to acquire a new ticket. The likelihood that the airline will not give a new ticket is high unless you are really persuasive.

Is itinerary number the confirmation number?

An itinerary is a suggested path for your trip. The information on it contains the airports of departure and arrival, any additional airports (if any), the dates and times of the flights, the flight numbers, the name of the passenger, any meal choices (if any), and your confirmation number.

What is PNR code American Airlines?

You get a PNR, or Passenger Number Record, whenever you make a reservation with American Airlines. This six-digit reservation code aids American Airlines in locating your reservation.

How long does it take to get a flight confirmation email?

The email confirmation can take up to 4 hours to be sent by some airlines, like American Airlines. If after 4 hours you have still not gotten your confirmation, contact their reservations department directly. Using your confirmation code, you may also search for your flight on the airline’s website.

How do I get my plane ticket after booking?

Similar Articles Online booking and ticket purchasing are both possible, whether you use an airline website or a travel comparison website like,, or You’ll get a confirmation number via email when the airline charges your credit card. Stop by a travel agency.

Do you have to print out your airline ticket?

Most airports allow you to utilize your mobile boarding pass. Before you go, confirm that the airports where you are connecting or departing allow mobile boarding passes: Accepts mobile boarding passes at my airport? Once you’ve located your airport, click on “Airport information” to discover whether mobile boarding permits are offered.

How do I find my 13 digit ticket number?

What details are available regarding the ticket number? You may locate the 13-digit ticket number on both your boarding pass and your passenger receipt. The ticket number is often separated by a hyphen on the passenger receipt.

What happens when you lost your plane ticket?

Some airlines instantly demand that you buy a new ticket, and they will never provide a refund or replace a lost ticket. Even in cases when refunds are permitted, you must first submit an application and then wait 30 to 90 days or even more before receiving your money back.

What happens if you forget your plane ticket?

If you don’t show up for your booked flight, you’ll be considered a “no show,” which gives the airline the right to reschedule or cancel the remaining portions of your itinerary with little notice to you.

Is itinerary the same as e-ticket?

No. The E-ticket is a digital copy of a paper ticket that is kept in the airline’s reservation database. The flight information and payment information are included on an itinerary receipt.

How long does it take for ticket confirmation?

Most people make their decision in the last 15 days. This tendency has a psychological component as well (caused by Indian Railways’ return policy).

How long does it take to receive an e-ticket?

The ticket itself serves as an electronic repository for the data kept in the airline’s database. Within 48 hours after the transaction, an email with the reservation number and an electronic ticket is delivered.

How do you start a confirmation email?

It is advisable to include the recipient’s name and title in the greeting when sending a confirmation email. In certain emails, the recipient is addressed with the formal “Dear Ms./Mr. Directly after the introduction, write the affirmation. We don’t need to introduce ourselves.

Why can’t I check-in online American Airlines?

If your initial flight is not run by American Airlines, you may not be able to check in using the app. You are going somewhere with a pet, a weapon, or a gun. You are a minor who is unaccompanied.

How do I check-in on American Airlines app?

Watch for a push notice from American Airlines saying “Your journey from (pickup airport code) to (dropoff airport code) is ready for check-in” to appear on your smartphone. This message will reach you around 24 hours before departure. It’s possible that you will also get an email telling you when to check in.

Can I print my airline ticket at home?

Before going to the airport, you may print your boarding permit at home. Additionally, you may print from the airline’s website by going there. You must provide both the confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.

Is boarding pass and e-ticket the same?

Technically, no. Although your boarding card serves as your “ticket,” in reality your “ticket,” or “e-ticket,” is created when you buy your flight as a “e-ticket,” or an electronic ticket. When you check in, whether online or at the check-in counter, your boarding pass will be created.

Can I travel without a printout of e-ticket?

Rail travelers are no longer need to carry a printout of their e-ticket. They may board the train by presenting the ticket inspectors with an SMS message of it on their phone, a screenshot of it on a laptop, or an iPad. Original identification must also be shown.

Can I use a screenshot of my boarding pass?

An simple, low-grade method of getting a mobile pass is to screenshot it. (Are we just using our camera applications constantly?) And in case you were wondering, boarding the aircraft and passing through security go without a hitch.

Will I get refund if I miss my flight?

The airline is not required to pay any passenger-bound taxes to the airport if you miss your trip. However, you have already paid these taxes, which might account for 25% of the cost of your ticket. Any operator will not provide a refund if you miss your flight. Sorry, but it’s not feasible.


The “flight confirmation number lookup” is a website that allows users to find their American Airlines confirmation number. It was created by the company, but it has been taken down since 2017.

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